20 January 2007

Christians and Creation

John Smulo makes an excellent comment on Christian attitudes toward creation in his post Spoiled Brats

This seems to be one of those "pond differences".

I could be wrong, but I have the impression that most most UK-based Christians would be in agreement with John no matter whether they call themselves "conservative", "Middle-of-the-Road", "liberal" or "please don't label me, I'm just a Christian".

For some bizarre reason that I can't understand, many American Christians seem to think that human beings don't have any responsibility for the environment and that claiming that we do is some sort of declaration against God's sovereignty. I certainly hope this view is changing!

I recommend to you John's article.


John Smulo said...

Well it's different with this American, anyway :-)

Thanks for the encouraging feedback on the article Pam!

BruceA said...

Since the early 1980s, American Christianity has become heavily influenced by American economic policy, which, with its "growth is good" and "bigger is better" mantras, has no room for responsible environmental stewardship. In the past few years, though, we've seen a growing number of Christians recognize that stewardship is important after all. I just hope we can make the necessary changes before it is too late.

PamBG said...

Bruce and John, thanks for your comments. I'm glad to see that some Christians in the US are changing their minds.