03 January 2007

Brian McLaren on Saddam's Execution

I have not written on the execution of Saddam Huessin. To be honest, I've been a bit tired and depressed (I tend to be quite affected by the lack of sunlight in the winter) and Saddam's execution seemed too overwhelming to write about. Plus, I'm so tired of being told in blogdom (this never seems to happen In Real Life) that I'm not a "real Christian" because I am a pacifist and do not believe in Capital Punishment.

At any rate, Brian McLaren has succinctly and eloquently communicated the feelings I had upon hearing the news and I also agree with his theology. I commend to you the article How Does Saddam’s Execution Make You Feel?


crystal said...

I'm with you on this ... against capital punishment, and thinking Saddam's execution a mistake (one of the few times the Vatican and I agreed :-)

Turbulent Cleric said...

It is partly through your stands against war and capital punishment that you are an effective witness for Christ and his way.

Fear not! I once had people praying that the Devil would depart from me as a result of my opposition to Armageddon theology - and that included my Super and my minister. That ( about 12 years ago) taught me that the church often represents God in a destructive manner.

BTW thanks for article by McLaren.

Keep pointing to the compassionate God - after all only a compassionate God can help us.



PamBG said...

Paul - I don't really "fear", it's just that sometimes I get tired! Thank goodness the people I fellowship with In Real Life are a lot more sensible.

I'm sorry for your experience with respect to Armageddon theology and actually fairly staggered that there are British Methodist ministers and Supers who believe this theology and would be casting out Satan in respect of it! I thought that sort of thing was something only us weird Americans got up to.

That's one area I'd be an "intolerant liberal" (or moderate). Armageddon theology is totally inconsistent with Methodist theology and I think that anyone who preaches it should go back to theology college, be forced to read DW Bebbington as well as many tombs on the history of Methodist theology before being allowed back in the pulpit!

PamBG said...

Just one other comment. When I candidated, I got quite a lot of grilling about my theology and my political views. I'm sure it's because I'm American and because I grew up in a denomination that is well known for it's inflexible fundamentalist theology.

I'm now thinking that I'm not sure it was *me* the powers that be needed to worry about!

Turbulent Cleric said...

Hi Pam,

The ones to whom I referred left Methodism a couple of years after. Methodism can be slow but it gets there in the end.

All the Best,


PamBG said...

Whew! There's a relief! Thanks for the clarification.