28 October 2007

A Prayer

Lord, you have told us in your Scripture
that your word will not return to you empty;
others tell me that if your people are simply godly and faithful
that your church will grow.

All that sounds good, Lord,
but as I look as your people who have tried to be faithful
I see a people who are tired and discouraged.

As far as I can tell - and I know that only you know our hearts -
these are people who love you,
people who genuinely want to serve you,
people have have genuinely served you.

And what I want to know, Lord, is:
What have they done wrong?
What is their sin?
What have they done wrong that they are now tired and discouraged?

Was it the house groups, Lord?
Was it the modern praise songs?
The traditional hymns?
The Sunday School?
The two youth groups?
What have they done wrong?
Why is it their fault?

And why is it my fault that I can't find a quick fix?

Is that really the way you operate, Lord?
Do you always reward your good and faithful servants with 'success'?
I seem to remember that the best and the most faithful
of your servants died on a cross.

And if he said, 'Please let there be another way',
may I dare to pray the same prayer?
And if he said, 'Not my will but yours be done'
then, Lord, give me the strength to also pray that same prayer
and really mean it.

Lord, I don't know what you're up to.
It doesn't seem that any of us do.
Help us to see you working.

Help us to believe that our belief in hope doesn't depend on success.
Help us to believe in you.
Help us to believe.


Beyond Words said...

I have read this heart-achingly beautiful prayer several times and it's my prayer too in so many ways. Come Spirit and comfort us and show us how you're moving in your Church.

PamBG said...

Amen to your prayer.

And thank you for your kind words.

Sally said...

I am sure that prayer is echoed over and over....
Come Holy Spirit come- set us fre form our human limitations...

lorna (see throughfaith) said...

Lord, make us a praying people. Let us be brave like David and Pam here and say out what's really on our hearts. Amen