20 October 2007

Methodist News from 'The Church Times'

Once again, the Anglican periodical,The Church Times reports 'Methodist news' ahead of the The Methodist Recorder.

Slipped into the article entitled Methodists fill top posts in new set-up (not availiable online to non-subscribers) is the news that this week's meeting of The Methodist Council has decided that there was no wish to review the 1993 Derby resolutions. I think this is an important decision and has only got a passing comment at the end of the article.

The main topic of the article is the already-announced fact of Martyn Atkins' appointment as General Secretary and Secretary of conference and the - I believe - hitherto unknown fact of the appointments of: 1) John Ellis as 'The Secretary for Team Operations'; 2) Mark Wakelin as 'Secretary for Internal Relationships'; 3) Christine Elliott as 'Secretary for External Relationships'.

Mark Wakelin is well known to and well-loved by many new ministers and Foundation Training students as the current Director of The Guy Chester Centre which has been offering Foundation Training in the London area for a number of years.

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