14 May 2006

Yes but....

This is a question 'into the airwaves' and it will be interesting to see whether anyone answers the question.

I grew up believing that God hated my guts and wanted me to burn in hell. It wasn't until I finally understood that God really loved me that I was able to begin to have an honest relationship with God and to grow in my discipleship.

My question is why, when I testify to God's love, that there is always someone who feels compelled to say 'Yes, but...' and try to minimise God's love in someway. Sort of 'Yes, God loves you, but don't be fooled into thinking that God loves you too much.'

What is the idea behind this?

Are there are too many people in the world who think that God loves them?

Or that if people are threatened with God's anger that the world will be a more ethical place and that people will want to be Christians?


Sally said...

Hi Pam,
I can really relate to that and wonder why we have to add a but onto God's love.. I love Paul's prayer in Ephesians 3, where he prays that we might grasp the full extent of that love... a love that went to the cross is all consuming... therefore there should be and can be no buts!

Not sure if that answers the question but if my experience last Friday is anything to go by (bloged on it) then we have only scratched the surface of understanding!

PamBG said...

I shall check out your blog from last Friday.

Gary Wood said...

Pam, For me it is difficult to understand why the all mighty God creator of the universe should care about man anyway. Then when you think that he wants a personal relationship, that boggles the mind.

PamBG said...

Excellent point, Gary. Thanks for that thought.

Dana said...

Wow. I must just really be lucky. ;) I've never heard someone give a "yeah but" response. It's either been a "yep, and isn't that AMAZING and WONDERFUL?!" or a "well, if that's what makes you happy" or something like.

I do my best to understand, but ... I have such a hard time with why people would put limits on God's love. I've heard OF people saying "well, God couldn't love someone like ME," and I'm thinking - well - yes, he could! I mean, you know, HE'S GOD, after all!