18 May 2006

The Da Vinci Code

What the heck, we're all supposed to have a view on this, right?

I've not seen the film, but I've read the book. As far as I can tell, Dan Brown claims it's a novel. The book is a good novel, in my view.

Thirty years ago, I suspect most people would have known that there is much fiction about Christianity in the book.

So my thoughts are:

1) I'd really like to see more people, especially Christians, have a passing knowledge of Christian doctrine and practice. (But I've been saying this for years)

2) In my personal experience, the book provided a great opportunity to have a conversation about Christianity and I expect that film will do the same.

The more we belly-ache about the existence of the book and the film, the more ridiculous we look and the more we appear to favour censorship of ideas.


Sally said...

Hey Pam pop over to Eternal Echoes and see how I have used my knowledge of the book to talk to some of those funny New Age types!

Sally said...

I enjoyed the book too

Conrad said...

I do not know what has been said about the Da Vinci Code in England, but here in the USA all of the rants have been by the Roman Catholics and the very conservative Protestants. The Mainline Protestants have mostly used the Da Vinci Code as a dialogue opportunity.

I think that the conservatives sometimes do the cause of the kingdom more harm than good.

PamBG said...

Conrad, the mainstream churches over here actually appear to have mixed views; there are mainstream voices here voicing caution. Westminister Abbey is one of those, as an example.

Turbulent Cleric said...

I loved the book as a good holiday read. I think its characters provide a weak argument re church history etc. Howver, it is a sign of how marginalised the churches are that this book has caused a reaction of paranoia rather than an opportunity for fruitful discussion