26 July 2009

M minus 13

Moving day minus 13.

This blog isn't meant to be a special interest blog at all but I guess I usually write on topics that could be considered either 'spiritual' or 'practical theology'.

I'm aware that a number of people I know 'in real life' read this blog and I thought I'd write a bit now about our impending move. Partly because people are asking me questions and it occurred to me that others might want to know the same information.

We are going to be leaving Kidderminster on the 7th of August to travel to Heathrow for our flight directly to Cleveland Hopkins Airport on the 8th of August. This ends 20 years and 8 months' residency for me in the United Kingdom and, for my British-born husband, it begins his first experience of living abroad. He has always wanted to live in the United States and, although we are both looking forward to the change, I think he's probably more excited that I am!

For me, I'm going back to the general area of the United States that I left at the age of 17, and there is something extremely odd about that. People ask me how I'm feeling and I have feelings that are genuinely mixed. On the one hand, I'm looking forward to living in the US again and being near my parents. On the other hand, I'm sad to be leaving here and I'm also aware of the fact that we're leaving at least two years' earlier than anyone thought we'd be leaving.

My congregations have been wonderful to me. I've now had my 'last service' in all four of my congregations and all of them were special. Nonetheless, they have all been a bit sad. This evening is the leaving service that is going to be put on by the Circuit: a cream tea at 5:30 and a 'Songs of Praise' service at 6:30. Naturally, what else would someone who loves to sing want to do on their last Sunday?

I still have one Wednesday morning communion to 'do' this coming Wednesday: an ecumenical service with our local Anglican congregation in the Methodist church (if any of you are reading this, be prepared to get 'little cups' so we don't have to take communion in just one kind!) I have three meetings left, including an extraordinary church council meeting to tie up loose ends and I have a bit more visiting to do.

The house is starting to look like chaos, but we need the removal company to pack for us due to US customs regulations and worries about importing dangerous materials (do bibles count?). For anyone who doesn't know, we do have a house to go to in Ohio but we'll need to wait about ten weeks for our furniture. We are hoping that my husband may be close to having a job offer from the local branch of his current employer, and I'm going to 'play it by ear' and hopefully find a useful ministry - either paid or unpaid. Watch this space.


Mary Beth said...

Mmmmm...cream tea!

Best wishes to you! Welcome back home.

Judy said...

I don't know what the heck cream tea is, but don't ask for it here! I simply cannot imagine, but all of us leave home, at some point. We have lived here in Wisconsin for coming on 20 years now. We keep saying we will leave, and yet we stay. Roots are hard to uproot.

There will be ministry for you here. What form it will take will yet to be seen. I never thought I would be a chaplain. Lots of things I never thought would be have come to pass. Darn that Holy Spirit!

Doorman-Priest said...

Looking forward to the next episode!

Olive Morgan said...

Thank you so much for this post, Pam. I have been wondering what was happening to you about your removal, as we said our final
'Goodbyes' to our Minister and his wife yesterday.

We only met briefly but have become close through our blogging and it was a privilege to share in your Ordination, so I hope you will continue to keep in touch after your move. May God bless your new Ministry, whatever it turns out to be. Bon voyage!

PamBG said...

Olive - I'll definitely keep in touch via the blog and emails.

Judy - 'Cream tea'. Lots of British people have 'tea' as their evening meal. What we would call 'dinner'. So, if someone invites you over to their house for 'tea' at 7:30 pm, you might expect a sort of 'down home' meal, nothing fancy but probably hot.

'Cream tea' means basically 'Expect cakes and scones and sandwiches but not a hot meal.' Which is precisely what we had last night if you check out the photograph on Facebook. :-)