21 February 2009

Popular Spirituality?

This afternoon I was stuck in traffic behind a car with two bumper-stickers that I thought bore witness to a rather confusing form of popular spirituality:

Bumper Sticker 1: 'Caution: Never go faster than your angel can fix'
Bumper Sticker 2: 'Life's a bitch and so am I'

So, basically, 'God is there to fix up my messes but I don't need to give any consideration to others'?


Sally said...

sounds about right

Dave Faulkner said...

A church member once told me I shouldn't exceed the speed limit, because the angels would stop protecting the car then. So legalism even affects angels. :)

Micky said...

I wish these angels would go off and help children in refugee camps and leave rich, articulate westerners to take responsibility for driving properly. Hey but I'm a bit simplistic!

PamBG said...

Micky: LOL! That comment has made my morning. Seriously.

Judy said...

One I see here frequently:

Something like - Careful -this car's driver may be raptured.

So God will rapture up the driver and the car will careen off into you, the unworthy who are not taken up?

PamBG said...

Yes, Judy, that's the whole point, isn't it?

And the 'unworthy' are those who 'don't believe in The Rapture'.

Catch 22, really!

Tim J said...

I thought the main purpose of God was to give Richard Dawkins something not to believe in? ;-)