05 November 2008

President-Elect Obama

I'm very pleased at the result of the election, but I have no wise words.  I think Barak Obama has a very, very tough job ahead of him and he and the leadership of the United States will continue to be in my prayers.

I don't think I was surprised at the outcome of the election - the Republicans had a very, very tough environment in which to campaign and the choice of Sarah Palin as a Vice Presidential candidate was spectacularly ill-conceived given the legacy that the party had to overcome.

What has surprised me, though, is the reaction of the rest of the world.  It's interesting, isn't it, that Kenya has declared a national holiday?  And Desmond Tutu comparing Obama's election to that of Nelson Mandela? 

It does feel like an historic moment.  My own personal hope - and one I pray sometimes out loud in worship services - is that America will now understand the effect that she has, willingly or unwillingly on the rest of the world.  It's one thing to say 'The US government should serve the needs of US citizens first and not worry about others' but the fact is that when America is self-serving, it's the rest of the world that ends up beaten, bruised and poorer.

God bless America and pray for Obama's safety and for wise leadership.


Beyond Words said...

Beautifully said, Pam. I hope people take it to heart.

Anonymous said...

Well-spoken, Pam, thank you.

angelin said...

Congratulations for President Obama, and to citizens of the USA. Many people, including me, have been rooting for Obama. May peace and not war be sown again throughout the world, and may the Obama administration play a big part in that process.
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Anonymous said...

I hope people take to heart that if we had pursued any other alternative than what was done previously Saddam would still be in power today. A man who gased 100,000 of his own people, attacked an innocent neutral country of Kuwait and who desired to do further damage than he already did.

I agree that peace may be sown by terrorists being prevented from doing what they have already been doing, the murdering of innocent people. May their lives never be forgotten and may we do more to prevent those terrorists who desire to murder more people from doing any more. dh