08 June 2008

Feeling a Bit Proud

We had a bit of a panic at one of my small churches because many of the usual collectors for Christian Aid week were away from home for various reasons. In the event, we were able to recruit a few new collectors at the last minute.

It turns out that we raised as much money from door to door collections as a number of churches with 3 to 8 times our membership.

I'm very proud of this church. Out of small acorns mighty oaks can grow. 'Even' small churches can make a difference.

(I wanted to give a link to Christian Aid but I don't appear to be able to do so at the moment.)


Fat Prophet said...

well done to that church - we are hoping to have beaten our best amount collected previously - I am just waiting to see this weeks notices so that I can check the figure.
I gave to say that people generally seemed a little friendlier this year as well and the weather held out whil we were out collecting so that is helpful.

Olive Morgan said...

I'm sorry to say that this year, for the first time, our church has failed to muster the collectors needed to do door to door collection. The older collectors who used to do this all now are oo old or ill to continue and the younger folk are much too busy to find the time. However, our Sunday School Superintendent has come to the rescue and for their Anniversary service they are going to present Christian Aid to us, with a retiring collection for Christian Aid.

PamBG said...

Olive, I guess I think that all churches should have a retiring collection. When I was a member in my 'big church' in London, Christian Aid envelopes were handed out a fortnight before Christian Aid Sunday (although we did also still do door to door collections).

Doorman-Priest said...

You have a special dispensation to be proud. But don't let it go to your head, O.K.

PamBG said...

DP are you quite certain that you're not a Prussian Lutheran? ;-)