02 August 2007

More Fun

A bit of fun. I think the Meyers-Briggs is right. I always come out INFJ with not very strong 'I' and quite pronounced 'NFJ'.

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Hat tip to: Sally via Dave.


Peter Kirk said...

Myers-Briggs is not just a bit of fun. But I suppose it was inevitable that a presumably pirated version of the test would appear on the Internet.

Sally said...

there are scores of these tests on the internet, some really good, others not so much.

I wonder why we are so fascinated by them.

btw my true Myers Briggs type is INFP- and that is what this "quiz" also indicated!

PamBG said...

Peter: I think that Myers-Briggs is mildly useful if used in a constructive way; for instance, to try to understand how team-members might be better able to work together. That said, lots of people get incredibly exercised by its very existence for reasons I don't understand. At any rate, this was not a 'serious' test in that in only had 50 questions. This is why I said 'a bit of fun'.

Sally - good question, I don't really know the answer!