29 July 2007

A Blog for 'The Methodist Recorder'???

OK, I'm flummoxed. There is a relatively new blog in cyberspace entitled The Methodist Recorder.

For those who are not 'in the know', the Methodist Recorder is a weekly newspaper for the British Methodist Church. Something like The Church Times, except that The Methodist Recorder doesn't have competitors in the way that The Church Times has The Church of England Newspaper.

Anyway reading through The Methodist Recorder blog, I'm inclinded to think that it is a wind-up. However, it's using the logo and the address of The Methodist Recorder.

Wondering what others think?


Anonymous said...

I hadn't seen this until your post. Looking at it, it has to be a satire on the Methodist Church (not necessarily on the Methodist Recorder itself). I have to admit I thought the thing about the community roll was funny - that's one bit of Methodism over here I haven't been able to understand.

Beyond Words said...

I think it's a spoof, too. Are there copyright laws over there?

Turbulent Cleric said...

It's better than the publication I get every week. And it's cheaper.

I hope it continues and that any copyright laws that might get in the way, are bypassed.

RubyB said...

It is definitely a spoof but very gently done I feel - speaking as one who appears to have a pseudonym - jade meadows. It is more about the Church than the Recorder. I wonder if it will be stopped eventually due to copyright and it is right that we don't use other people's names without permission, but I am rather enjoying it in the meantime. Maybe some arrangement could be reached.

PamBG said...

I'm enjoying it too. Now that I've figured out what it's about.