24 May 2007

Infant Baptism

I'll be doing my first baptism on Sunday. E (who crawls but doesn't yet walk) has already made her mark on the otherwise mostly elderly congregation. We've had to install a baby-gate on the steps leading up to our Georgian pulpit because E has decided that she really rather likes crawling up those steps. We've told her that she will have to be able to stand and talk before she is allowed to preach.

I'm really looking forward to the baptism. The baptismal party of friends and family will increae our numbers by about 200% on Sunday and it will be a wonderful celebration as we welcome E into the Christian Community on the feast of Pentecost.

Partly because of this baptism, Lorna's post on
Infant Baptism gave me a chuckle.


Lorna said...

What a wonderful day to do your first (of many) baptism. Pentecost was -and is - a great day , the beginning of the church and the beginning of revival / renewal in us.

Glad the story made you chuckle too :)

Sally said...

yes an excellent way to celebrate Pentecost- I'm not preaching- I'm still writing assignments....

PamBG said...

The baptism on Pentecost is a bit of good luck, really. Chosen by the family mainly because friends and family could be at the celebration! But it is a great day for a baptism. I just hope that the baby loses her fascination for eyeglasses before Sunday!

Sally, good luck with your assignments.