12 March 2007


I hate, loathe and despise making lists. I have no idea why.

In the last month, I've had three church council meetings plus two committee meetings. Each meeting has meant that I've gone away with about ten things on a 'to do' list. I have no alternative but to write all these things down, so I don't forget them.

I know that lots of people say that they love making lists so that they can cross each item off as they do it. Lists have the opposite effect on me. I find them massively depressing; I have idea why.

Between all these "to do" items, plus writing and studying for the Probationer's Committee next week, I've not had much time for blogging and that's felt like another thing on an oppressive "to do" list.

So, I apologise. Normal blogging will resume at some point when I get a life. After Easter???


Turbulent Cleric said...

I am no good at lists although my wife tells me it is a skill I need to cultivate.

i wish you well with your Probationers' Committee. It's a good job my was a year ago or I might have had to explain my fascination with God Channel - yukh!

PamBG said...

I think that rather than feeling "that's on the list, so now I've put it in a place I can deal with it", I see the list as one big mountain that keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Thanks for your good wishes re the Probationers' Committee and good luck with that God Channel addiction. (Boy, do I not understand that.)