05 April 2006

Writer's Strop and Book Temptation

Writer's Strop

I have 'writer's strop' at the moment. If you're American, you're probably wondering what a 'strop' is. It's a temper-tantrum of the sort that two-year olds have.

I have a paper for theology college that is due in two weeks' time and I simply don't want to write it. I'm able to write it. I have all the information to write it. But my psyche is saying 'No! I'm not going to do it! So there!' And that makes it practically impossible to do. 'My subconscious threw a strop' doesn't strike me as the kind of excuse that will wash with the tutors, though.

Someone paid me a lovely compliment today in saying that I write clearly. The problem is that I've spent the last ten years writing and writing and writing and there is a part of me that just doesn't want to do it any more. This was happening during the last year of my employment as well. I was finding it increasingly difficult to get down to writing reports whereas I used to love to write.

Book Temptation

I just found out about a new book that NT Wright has published. He's one of my favourite theology writers. The book is called Simply Christian and it is supposed to be an introduction to the basics of Christianity.

I think Tom Wright is an excellent scholar, but he's got a real gift for communicating theology to the person in the pew.


Sally said...

Great book Pam, sounds like we have a similar problem, I have 3 papers to write, all the information I need and I simply do not want to do it!!!
So I'm blogging and reading other stuff and procrastinating and feeding the cat...I've even hung a couple of pictures...
I'll pray for you please will you pray for me?

DaveW said...

Hey me too. I thought Sally's essay sounded much more interesting than mine.

PamBG said...

Sally - good idea! I like the idea of praying for each other, even though I've been praying for my paper too. So you and Dave are in my prayers for your papers.

Dave - the grass is always greener on the other side, I think!

Sally said...

If we all swapped work we might all fail but hey at least we'd get something written!!!
Could be that we all gain distinctions for being revolutinary...now back to feeding the cat...claening the bathroom, tidying the airing cupboard...help...

Ah yes prayer! Praying for you Pam, and also for you Dave !

Bad Alice said...

So that's what is meant by "being stroppy." I have a new word!

Lorna said...

:) I think the book sounds great and I always have to fight book temptation when I have writers strop.

I'm supposed to be writing a course paper (think first thesis) and am fed up.

Tom wright's book on the Eucharist is good though. Think I'll go read it again :)

be blessed. and yeah prayers for me here too. I pray for you, Sally and davew as well.

PamBG said...

Thanks for your prayers, Lorna.

I'm keeping Sally and Dave and Lorna in my prayers.