07 March 2006

Real Girls Don't Buy Cars

I want to buy a 1-year old Ford Fiesta. I have rung a purveyor of cars that is well-known in 'the circles in which I move'. I'm not naming names. So i've rung this place and told them what I want. No problem, madam, I'll ring you back.

A week later, I ring again. May I speak to John Smith. He's on holiday this week, may I help you? He was going to find a Ford Fiesta for me. I'll find out what is happening and ring you back, madam.


You'd think I'd rung them and said I wanted to turn into a pink elephant.

Maybe I'm being too much of a prima-donna. Maybe it's unreasonable to think that someone would tell me what is going on. But why do I think that if my husband rings them that they might act like we exist?

I think that Real Girls Don't Buy Cars. We drive them, but we don't buy them.


Sally said...

Hmmm..I had rather hoped we'd got away from that kind of attitude but I guess not!!!
Maybe we need the car sales equivalent of Sheilas Wheels!!!
Thanks for you messages of support recently

Lorna said...


but do take your custom elsewhere!

PamBG said...

Thanks Sally and Lorna. I think I don't have much choice but to take my custom elsewhere, really.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Take your business elsewhere. These guys are poor businessmen. Chances are, it has nothing to do with your gender but with their incompetence.